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The Korean Cinderella by Shirley Clime

This version of Cinderella has all the basic events and characters we know and love but set in the context of early Chinese society. When the beautiful Yeh-Shin’s mother dies her father remarried a woman who already had her own … Continue reading

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Me and You by Anthony Browne

In revisiting the well-known fairy tale Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Anthony Browne presents the reader with two parallel lives that intersect briefly. As the tale unfolds we get an insight into the life of Goldilocks, a view-point that is … Continue reading

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East o the Sun and West o the Moon P.J.Lynch

A Norwegian version of Beauty and the Beast that children really enjoy, they love spotting the parts that are familiar to them. One day a bear turns up at the house of a poor husbandman and offers him a deal … Continue reading

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Into the Forest by Anthony Browne

Not strictly a fairy tale book but it taps into the reader’s knowledge of fairy tales. In this tale we find that the main character is worried about the where about of his father who he thinks had disappeared without … Continue reading

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A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness, Siobhan Dowd and Jim Kay

Health warning for the sensitive reader, a box of tissues is required. A good book that raises the thorny issue about how families, especially ones with diverse structures, deal with death. Connor’s mum is dying of cancer. His farther life … Continue reading

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Lola and the Rent-A-Cat by Ceseli Josephus Jitta

Death and loving relationships between elderly people are subjects rarely tackled in children’s books. But this book manages to tackle both well. Lola and her husband John have been together for fifty-six years and have had a warm and caring … Continue reading

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Spike and Alienson by Malaika Rose Stanley illustrated by Sarah Horne

An alien story with a twist. I usually avoid reading books about aliens but I’m glad that I read this one because, it make me laugh and it also made my husband laugh when I retold the story to him. … Continue reading

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