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Me and You by Anthony Browne

In revisiting the well-known fairy tale Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Anthony Browne presents the reader with two parallel lives that intersect briefly. As the tale unfolds we get an insight into the life of Goldilocks, a view-point that is … Continue reading

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East o the Sun and West o the Moon P.J.Lynch

A Norwegian version of Beauty and the Beast that children really enjoy, they love spotting the parts that are familiar to them. One day a bear turns up at the house of a poor husbandman and offers him a deal … Continue reading

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City of Thieves by Ellen Renner

Fast paced, this adventure takes the reader from the anticipation of a hanging to the escape of a wanted felon. From hatred to confused feelings about a parent, feelings shaped by experience. Tobias harbours ill feelings towards the father who … Continue reading

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A Girl Called Dog by Nicola Davies

This was one of my summer reads. I enjoyed the tale of how Dog and her friends escaped the clutches of her evil uncle and with some unexpected help. Dog, a little girl, lives in a pet shop with the … Continue reading

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A Place to Call Home by Alexis Deacon illustrated by Viviane Schwarz

 A good book to read aloud and at bedtime. A group of young hamsters grow too big for their first home, a hole in a mattress in of junk yard. Emerging from their home they surveyed their new surrounding and … Continue reading

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The Emerald Atlas by John Stephens

A family called P. Snatched from their home three siblings are thrown into the unforgiving and uncaring world of orphanages. These they endure for many years until the day came when they were given their final chance of having a … Continue reading

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Tree Soup by Joel Stewart

Stanley Wells has persuaded his parents to let him sleep in the old caravan in the garden; this allows him to escape from the mayhem created by the twins and the fate of his family when they mysteriously turn into … Continue reading

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