Althea Samuels Owner of this siteHi and thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

My name is Althea Samuels working as class teacher two days a week and an independent consultant at other times. In a previous life I worked for the National Strategies as a Literacy Regional Adviser actively promoting the use of high quality books when I could.

I cannot remember a time when I wasn’t reading one book or another, in fact I find that even when going on a short journey I find it difficult to get into the car if I don’t have a book with me. There is no guarantee that I will get the opportunity to read it, I just need one with me. I’m not sure how many books I read each year and I have given up trying to keep a check on what I spend on books. And like so many other book nut I keep a permanent wish list on Amazon. The wish list is never reduced because as soon as I have bought some then I add to the list again.

The name of this blog has been carefully chosen to provide me with a forum to talk about books on my bookshelf, or the ever-increasing piles on the office floor. These will be mainly children’s books because they are my passion.

Books listed in this area have been read by me. Some I have really enjoyed, others perhaps not as much, but I think they are still worth mentioning.  I have a keen interest in high quality picture books and this will probably be reflected in the book listed.

This blog is also an extension of the mission I set myself about ten years ago when I started to work with schools, in my role as consultants focusing on literacy.

My mission was and is to raise the profile of high quality books, especially picture books including graphic books for all children, up to and including children aged 11+. But I do read books written for older children and adults as well.

I am  also very interested in reading books published in other countries. When friends go abroad I often ask them to try to get me children picture books from countries they visit. Unfortunately because I read only English they have to be books that have been translated or picture books.

My other passions are my family, husband, one daughter, one son, a cat, a dog and a rabbit. I also have an allotment and have re-discovered knitting especially socks.


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