The Help

Book has become adicitive and I will be listening to it whilst cooking Christmas dinner.

What must it be like to bring up someone else’s child like your own knowing that at a later date they will turn on you and treat you in the way their parents do. Well that is what is going to happen to Aibileen, it’s just a matter of time.

You get a real feel for how the Help view the families they work for. They appear to have two families that require different protocols but both equally fraught with difficulties. Listening to this book is a bit like overhearing snatches of conversations between friend with the added help of being able to tap into their thoughts.

The narrative switches between more than one Help. This technique can be difficult to carry off but so far the author has managed to carry it off.

I have now been introduced to two communities, the female Coloured community who work as The Help in white houses and know everything about the white community. And the White community who are only concerned with their lives little caring for the Coloured community. These communities are linked by Aibileen and her white employer. I have now been introduced to Aibileen’s friend Minnie one of Abilieen’s friend who is a motor-mouth l this causes her to looses her job. The is also Miss Hillie who runs the small group of white friends – she is bad news for both coloured and white communities. Miss Hillie has a close friend Skeeter who is beginning to question the status quo.

The tensions within and between the communities are played out in the relationships between and within the communities.

I find the investment of emotion in the bringing up of white children by Black women amazing when they know that eventually these children will turn on them. But perhaps that’s what happens in these circumstances in all communities when women are forced through circumstances to bring up other people’s children. Who knows what we might do in such circumstances.

Questions spring to mind – are Constanine and Miss Skeeter blood relatives? I know that Aibileen and Minnie are going to eventually help Skeeter (a friend of Miss Hillie + she was brought up by a Help called Constanine) in her quest to write a book from the point of view of the Coloured Help working in Mississippi.


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